The Professional Wedding Photographer

November 14th, 2016



When choosing a wedding photographer always keep in mind that you are hiring someone to document one of the most important days of your life. You owe it to yourself to make sure you receive the absolute best photos possible by hiring a professional photographer. Keep in mind that your wedding photos will decorate your walls, your parent’s walls, and your kid’s walls for generations. Your photos are one of the few items that will stay with you long after your beautiful wedding day has passed. Your day is important. You’ve spent countless hours planning and making sure everything goes just as planned. Make sure you invest in a great photographer to capture every detail that you’ve worked so hard on. You’ve waited your whole life to have the perfect wedding. Do yourself a favor and hire a great photographer. Your older self will thank you.


A professional and experienced photographer should be able to tackle any lighting situation. A very dark church, harsh outdoor sunlight, uneven lighting, and uneven colored lighting should be a piece of cake to a professional. I cannot overestimate the importance of the mastery of light. Hard light can be dangerous to your photos and the way in which a photographer captures light will make or break your photos. Your photographer must be punctual, must be a people person, must adapt to different types of personalities, must be able to take charge at a moments notice, and must be able to take a step back and capture moments as they unfold naturally. Certain wedding events such as the “you may now kiss the bride” moment happen in a fraction of a second. An experienced wedding photographer anticipates all events and is prepared to capture them for you.


Artlight Photo understands that being a wedding photographer is an immense responsibility. Our clients trust us to capture their special day in the most beautiful way possible. Artlight Photo understands the enormous trust placed on us. For almost 10 years we have displayed why we stand out among other wedding photographers. Artlight Photo does not simply take pictures. We manipulate light in a way that results in each photo being a wonderful piece of art. My team and I are artists first and foremost and we have the technical proficiency to make your wedding photos stand out from all other wedding studios.


Please take a moment to view our galleries and you will see for yourself why Artlight Photo is your top choice.

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